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Increasing Home Security During the School year

Locksmith in EdmondsWhile home security is important year-round, there are times throughout the year when you will want to pay more attention. This is especially true during the school year. In between the morning rushes and busy afternoons hauling kids to soccer games and other activities, it can be easy to forget about the security of your home during these long, daylight hours. Most homeowners do not expect anything to ever go wrong while they are away at work, much less during the day. The following article will address some of the considerations you should keep in mind during the school year that can help you be more aware of your home security. You can prevent break-ins and other issues with a little preparation and vigilance.

Remember that Most Robberies Occur During the Day

Typically, most home invasions occur during the day. Because robberies seem quite sinister, one might assume that they only happen at night. Unfortunately, when everyone is gone during the day, this is the perfect time for criminals to break and enter into homes uninvited. Not only are homeowners usually not home throughout the day, but any surrounding neighbors are not either. This makes it so criminals have free reign throughout the targeted home, but also a lack of witnesses nearby to hear them commit the break-in and robbery.

Change Up Your Routine, if Possible

Smart criminals will often scope out the houses they plan to burglarize. Rather than going into a house at random, a robbery is usually more successful if the criminals are aware of the routines and habits of the occupants inside. For stay-at-home moms and dads, this is an especially important fact to pay attention to. If you are typically a very routine person and have a period of time throughout the week where you are predictably not home, it might be time to change your routine or increase your security. Even small adjustments in one’s routine can deter a potential robber from entering your home in an attempt to steal your belongings or worse.

Upgrade Your Home Locks

Before the start of the school year, it might be a good idea to make it a habit to have your locks checked at this time. You can decide to either have your locks cleaned and maintained by a professional or install new locks entirely. Many families are taking advantage of electronic locks and doing away with old-fashioned deadbolt locks to enhance their security. Keyless entry and smart locks are far more secure than deadbolt locks. You will not have to worry about these locks getting tampered with in the same way a deadbolt or other kind of traditional home lock might.

Place Security Cameras Around Your Property

If it is within your budget, installing security cameras in and around your home is a fool-proof way to capture and catch any criminals in the act that may be trying to invade your home. Certain home security systems can even be connected to one’s phone and alert you of any suspicious problems or break-in activity in real time. Some security cameras only record movement as well, which helps cut down on the storage of recorded footage that is not necessary. Most security cameras and their corresponding controls allow for complete customization. If you are concerned about your home security during the school year, security cameras are a great option.

Review Your Family Safety Plan

As a family, it is always good to regroup before the start of a new school year to review your home safety and security measures. As your children get older, they may take on more responsibility or spend long periods of time at home alone. Make sure everyone in your household is on the same page in terms of your schedule and routines in and away from home. Since routines may change at the start of a school year, you will want to make sure things are well communicated between you and your family members so there are no mishaps in terms of safety.

You may also want to review basic safety measures with your children. Remind them not to answer the door for strangers or let others know when they are home alone over the telephone, for example. If your children are going to be left alone for an hour or two after school before you return home from work, remind them of the rules you have set in place. Work with your children based on their age to help them feel included in being a part of keeping the home safe. Giving each child a special role, such as making sure the door is locked once everyone is safely inside after coming home from school, can be a great way to give older children some added responsibility while also securing your home at the same time.

Install Heightened Security Measures Today!

You can always enlist the help of a local locksmith in your area to address any additional questions you may have about your home security during the school year. A locksmith can also help you and your family install electronic or smart locks, for example, to help you stay in control of your home security during the day while you are away. Even a small upgrade to your home security can help prevent an intruder from entering. Work with a locksmith today, even just to double-check that your home locks are in proper working order. You will be glad you took the time to tend to your home locks and overall security!

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